Monday, 25 January 2016

New Legion of Swine outdoor performances

Using prime numbers as his decision making for days and dates, Legion of Swine will perform free outdoor shows in Leeds on the following dates - 1/2; 2/3; 3/5; 5/7; 7/11 - venues/locations/times to be announced nearer the time(s). Attenders are more than welcome to join in, as these performances continue the Noise Walk ideas from 2015.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

It's a The Wharf Street Galaxy Band bonanza!

It's now January, and The Wharf Street Galaxy Band are very busy indeed.

On Saturday 9th January, they play the very ace Don't Falter at White Rabbit in Leeds - FREE in, onstage at 10pm. Facebook thing here -

On Saturday 16th January, they play at Vinyl Tap Records in Huddersfield at 2pm as an instore gig - again FREE in. Facebook thing here -

And later that very same day, they join the fantastic acts that are Shatner and Instant Species at The Parish, Huddersfield - doors at 2000, £4 in, TWSGB on first. Facebook thing here - and you can also get tickets online for this one here -

And finally on Saturday the 23rd, they go into the studio to record their second EP "The Galaxy Express" - to be released sometime in February 2016 they reckon.

Bandcamp to music here -


Hogwash #19 - Chemic Tavern, Leeds - Sat 6th Feb, free/donation

Hogwash is now homed in the nice space at The Chemic in Woodhouse

For the first one of this year, we are full on solo acts, with FIVE artists doing their stuff. Details are below - 

DFVOKKLL (noise/IT) solo project of Giuseppe Capriglione, an Italian noisemaker based in Berlin, Germany.
Giuseppe played under another moniker and band ( Gunzard / Being the Orgasm / Gun_Solo).
Founded in 2014 Metzger Therapie Experimental Label and organises Metzger Therapie Fest

Ræppen (Nomadic)
Sami influenced Shamanic drones using voice and percussion. This mixed with modern music technology to create hypnotic soundscapes.

Inhuman Resources (Leeds) - non-music, non-performance, Dadaist noise making

Gallas Ayers (Leeds)
Analog and digital drone/feedback/noise

Whatever's left in the tank after 2015.

Entry is free, but suggested donations of £4 are always welcome.