Støy på Landet 2017

Støy på Landet is a small festival that has taken place every year since 2007 and recently in the woods at Nævra near Trondheim, Norway. Noise, drone, post punk, whatever you fancy is on the cards musically and collaborating, enjoying yourself and the surrounding gorgeous countryside is a must. We all do so. Setup by several folks from the Origami Republika art collective about a decade ago and linked to Klubb Kanin, it attracts artists from nearby, Oslo, Copenhagen, Leeds via Hammarö and Den Haag and other places I suspect. There is a timetable of acts, but this is fairly flexible starting time-wise and fits in with the relaxed vibes. Some photos and embedded videos feature below and give a flavour of the two days. I've not got everybody's name for acts, nor did I film everything, so apologies for any missing. You know who you are!

Day 1 - images

Day 1 - videos

Day 2 - images

Day 2 - videos

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