Monday, 19 February 2018

Thursday Night Acoustics coming soon!

Thursday Night Acoustics is a mix of spoken-word and acoustic music and will take place at The Chemic Tavern in Leeds on March 1st 2018. Featuring the very ace artists as outlined on the poster (including this blog's very own Dave Procter as Guerrilla Miner) below - donations of £4 are requested to go towards the artists. Ta.


Hogwash 22 cheers

Thanks to all the folk who came down to Chunk in Leeds for the 22nd Hogwash. A near full house witnessed fine sets from Sadistic Statistic, Gannet, Poulsen//Procter and Sindre Bjerga//Stuart Chalmers. Good vibes all round. Left camera at home, so images/video captured = 0. There is some audio and it'll become available soon enough. One image I do have is Noah Brown's ace poster, and here it is -


Monday, 12 February 2018

More from Multiversal, January 2018 - Copenhagen and Hamburg

Multiversal moved on from Oslo to Copenhagen, with performances at THE noise venue for the city Mayhem and new (ish) space near the main railway station 5e. Dave Procter attended to collaborate with Claus Poulsen as PP and Legion of Swine combined forces with Theo Strauss, both shows at 5e. Some images and audio were captured, the images appear below - thanks to Utku again for capturing the duos in action and organising and thanks to the folk who did the fine food -

The following pictures are from my own lofi, low light collection - good fun all round.

When it was all over in Denmark, some of us went to Hamburg to play on MS Stubnitz, an old DDR warship that's now been converting into a cultural space, moored near the new university campus. Trowser Carrier made a triumphant return "home".....some images follow and thanks to all on the ship who made us so welcome -