Sunday, 17 November 2019

New PP action!

Out of this world, quite literally, as Dave Procter and Claus Poulsen collaborate once more to take us on an ambient journey across the skies and into interstellar space. Summat like that anyway. Ojud Records have noted this as Ojud 200. Nice!

Get your ears around it here -


Monday, 11 November 2019

Hogwash came back!

Great news for all as Hogwash returned to the venues of Leeds last week. 20 hardy punters came to experience the wonders of inHuman Resources, Eskimoomin, Claus Poulsen//Stuart Chalmers and Two's Company. Some video was captured and is shown below - audio recordings to come soon and Christopher Nosnibor did a review of the night which you can find here - ta lad!


Claus Poulsen//Stuart Chalmers

Two's Company

The next Hogwash will be in February 2020 and there are rumours of the return of Harsh Noise Bingo in March :-).


Monday, 21 October 2019

Pig-like news......Melt Banana again!!!

Legion of Swine and his delighted cloven-hooved brethren are very happen to announce that he will be trott(er)ing onstage to support the very mighty noiseniks Melt Banana at their Leeds show at the Brudenell Social Club this very Wednesday, 23rd October 2019.

Bring your earplugs, it's going to be a loud fucker!


Friday, 27 September 2019

The Wharf Street Galaxy Band - new drummer!

The Wharf Street Galaxy Band sadly lost the services of Propulsion, also known as Mike Evans, but have moved sharply and speedily to recruit Rachael Rix-Moore as his replacement. We welcome Rachael, or Pulse as someone has suggested to the band! She can help you too.

The LP is coming on nicely and the band are close to deciding on final mixes. The LP as yet unnamed is likely to be released in late November with a release gig in Leeds somewhere around that time.

Very good.


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

New HammaröNoise mixcloud now out!

You've been patient over the summer and that patience has been rewarded - HammaröNoise Avsnitt 3 is now available - follow this link -


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Hogwash is back.

Yes, you read right. Hogwash is back. Part 27 will feature inHuman Resources and some other ace weird non-music types. We're at Wharf Chambers in Leeds this time - COME!

More info will be found at this link -


Sunday, 4 August 2019

Drones and Noise in Drammen - some thoughts on siloen

Both Legion of Swine and Fibonacci Drone Organ joined fellow droners and noisers from Drammen and a bit further north from Oslo for an afternoon and early evening in the silo art space (siloen in Norwegian) that sits outside the main library in Drammen. The library staff are VERY keen for people to use the space and create events and installations there and provide full support, both technical and otherwise, for any ideas put forward. AND it's free to rent. This prompted me, in conjunction with local Drammen noise artist Bernt Winness, to try and put something together to use the space and collect local noise/drone/non-music/experimental artists and test the space - Drones and Noise in Drammen was born. The space itself, as can be seen from the images below, is around 15m high and around 6.5m in diameter, specced out with a decent PA and lighting rig and can sit around 25 folks at a push and has been used for artistic endeavours for a decade now. It's the kind of space that you'd hope all councils/kommuner could/would make available for people to use, especially in these days of constant gentrification and closing of DIY spaces. Anyway, that's another long topic of discussion. The artists that took part were in running order - Fibonacci Drone Organ, zzoneman, Challenged by Gravity, Dario Fariello (with Øyvind Hellner), Christian Blandhoel, Strangerous, zzoneman (noise set) and Legion of Swine and a massive thanks to all of them for their time and great audio produce. Let's make it happen again.