Saturday, 3 October 2020

Action!! Collabs, releases, all sorts!!

Summer has turned to autumn in Sweden and in perfect synchronisation, Legion of Swine head porker Dave Procter has woken from his lazy summer vibes and is creating new stuff and collaborating across many countries. 

With fellow Hogwasher Theo Gowans, a split release will emerge of noise, gibber and all sorts of mangled sound. More details on this to come, but release before the new year.....

Dave Procter has also being working on mixes for his long-standing recording and occasional live duo PP with Copenhagen music polyglot Claus Poulsen. The two met in late January to record ideas for their latest release, but something called Covid-19 disrupted progress. The enforced break has been overcome and a digital release will appear just in time for Xmas 2020. What better way to brighten up such a frustrating year than relaxing with around one hour of ambient/drone/noise entering your ears and soothing your mind. Details to follow, naturally......

Dave has also been in discussion over the past 12 months about a two piece noise/Suicide-esque act called Portable Dog Raves (thanks to Mark Salisbury for the name) with Leeds resident Steve Walsh. The original plan was to produce music in situ in a studio with live manipulation of Steve's drums with added keyboards, bass and vocals from Dave. The Covid thing once more hampered any meet up and progress, but the magic of the internet will see music being created. Song titles and lyrics are partly done, drum rhythms and bars have been sent and work will start soon on building whatever it is they'll be building. Something hideous but interesting, no doubt.....

That's all for now, here's a picture of some swans on the lake outside our flat - 


Sunday, 13 September 2020

New Legion of Swine LP!

 Legion of Swine continues to document his disgust at the shambolic shithole that is UK politics from his sty on Hammarö, which is quite appropriate. 

Listen and maybe, if times really are that bad, even buy his frequency spread here -

Here's the front image for fun! 


Friday, 11 September 2020

Don't Falter is back - sort of.........

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, pretty much all gig activity and DJing activity involving Legion of Swine main porkhead Dave Procter has been cancelled. Dave is now living in Sweden again and permanently, so any Don't Falter DJing seemed unlikely unless the pandemic is over and he is in Leeds

There were plans for a return of Don't Falter in a limited, socially distanced way, but the increase of cases in Leeds look likely to cause a local lockdown, so reluctantly after discussions with the venue and all concerned parties, a decision was made to postpone. 


There will be an online version of Don't Falter as the DJs dj from their own places and bring it all together via MIXLR - the event is here, come and listen and dance in yr own house!


Thursday, 30 July 2020

Polynomial Kirkstall Festival audio finally emerges.....

Polynomial is a three-piece drone/ambient collective featuring Ash Sagar and John Tuffen of Wonkystuff/Orlando Ferguson/many others and Dave Procter. They performed at the Kirkstall Festival in Leeds in 2018 and 2019

The good news is that finally some audio has been released! Click on the link here to access the audio. 

The 2019 audio will be available in August 2020. 


Sunday, 24 May 2020

Culture As A Dare Festival 2020 - Fibonacci Drone Organ

Our friends at Culture As A Dare in Southend-on-Sea held a virtual festival yesterday with a number of acts from all over the UK and Europe and possibly further afield. Fibonacci Drone Organ contributed a "lockdown in Leeds" drone piece and you can see the video below vvv -

The other acts' videos are all there too - watch them!


Saturday, 9 May 2020

Difficult Music for Difficult People - Swine happenings!

The mighty fine radio show that is Difficult Music for Difficult People requested Legion of Swine head porker Dave Procter give a personal reflection of Covid-19 lockdown times in Leeds. He did that very thing, and you can now listen to the report and Legion of Swine's live set from the sous les paves event held in Malmö in January 2020, in the days when we were allowed to meet up.

Mixcloud for the show is here -

Should you wish to download the live set, head to this link -


Friday, 8 May 2020

Fibonacci Drone Organ - MEX gig from Dortmund - video finally uploaded!

Being in lockdown gives you the opportunity to revisit recordings and videos. One of these was Fibonacci Drone Organ's set from the Artists' House in Dortmund from March 2019 - the video is now on vimeo and can be enjoyed here. Make sure to fully enjoy the audio with decent headphones, decent speakers and should you so desire, movement around the listening space.