Sunday, 17 November 2019

New PP action!

Out of this world, quite literally, as Dave Procter and Claus Poulsen collaborate once more to take us on an ambient journey across the skies and into interstellar space. Summat like that anyway. Ojud Records have noted this as Ojud 200. Nice!

Get your ears around it here -


Monday, 11 November 2019

Hogwash came back!

Great news for all as Hogwash returned to the venues of Leeds last week. 20 hardy punters came to experience the wonders of inHuman Resources, Eskimoomin, Claus Poulsen//Stuart Chalmers and Two's Company. Some video was captured and is shown below - audio recordings to come soon and Christopher Nosnibor did a review of the night which you can find here - ta lad!


Claus Poulsen//Stuart Chalmers

Two's Company

The next Hogwash will be in February 2020 and there are rumours of the return of Harsh Noise Bingo in March :-).


Monday, 21 October 2019

Pig-like news......Melt Banana again!!!

Legion of Swine and his delighted cloven-hooved brethren are very happen to announce that he will be trott(er)ing onstage to support the very mighty noiseniks Melt Banana at their Leeds show at the Brudenell Social Club this very Wednesday, 23rd October 2019.

Bring your earplugs, it's going to be a loud fucker!


Friday, 27 September 2019

The Wharf Street Galaxy Band - new drummer!

The Wharf Street Galaxy Band sadly lost the services of Propulsion, also known as Mike Evans, but have moved sharply and speedily to recruit Rachael Rix-Moore as his replacement. We welcome Rachael, or Pulse as someone has suggested to the band! She can help you too.

The LP is coming on nicely and the band are close to deciding on final mixes. The LP as yet unnamed is likely to be released in late November with a release gig in Leeds somewhere around that time.

Very good.


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

New HammaröNoise mixcloud now out!

You've been patient over the summer and that patience has been rewarded - HammaröNoise Avsnitt 3 is now available - follow this link -


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Hogwash is back.

Yes, you read right. Hogwash is back. Part 27 will feature inHuman Resources and some other ace weird non-music types. We're at Wharf Chambers in Leeds this time - COME!

More info will be found at this link -


Sunday, 4 August 2019

Drones and Noise in Drammen - some thoughts on siloen

Both Legion of Swine and Fibonacci Drone Organ joined fellow droners and noisers from Drammen and a bit further north from Oslo for an afternoon and early evening in the silo art space (siloen in Norwegian) that sits outside the main library in Drammen. The library staff are VERY keen for people to use the space and create events and installations there and provide full support, both technical and otherwise, for any ideas put forward. AND it's free to rent. This prompted me, in conjunction with local Drammen noise artist Bernt Winness, to try and put something together to use the space and collect local noise/drone/non-music/experimental artists and test the space - Drones and Noise in Drammen was born. The space itself, as can be seen from the images below, is around 15m high and around 6.5m in diameter, specced out with a decent PA and lighting rig and can sit around 25 folks at a push and has been used for artistic endeavours for a decade now. It's the kind of space that you'd hope all councils/kommuner could/would make available for people to use, especially in these days of constant gentrification and closing of DIY spaces. Anyway, that's another long topic of discussion. The artists that took part were in running order - Fibonacci Drone Organ, zzoneman, Challenged by Gravity, Dario Fariello (with Øyvind Hellner), Christian Blandhoel, Strangerous, zzoneman (noise set) and Legion of Swine and a massive thanks to all of them for their time and great audio produce. Let's make it happen again.


Sunday, 28 July 2019

Fibonacci Drone Organ - St Mary's Tower

Fibonacci Drone Organ had the pleasure of playing at The Intimate Space in Hornsey, North London, his 9th new space since this act began in 2018 and the acoustics of the space worked really well for the chance-based additions and subtractions of notes. Sam Enthoven curated the event as part of his STEEP programme with main act luxul creating something huge as the sound and noise enveloped all in the 5m x 5m x 5m not-quite-cubic space. A great night out and thanks to all who came and supported the event.

Some pictures lie below -

Live audio from Fibonacci Drone Organ will be available soon via the Ojud Records bandcamp site here. Please donate to contribute to FDO's return travel costs to Sweden! Tack så mycket!


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Southend Swine Postponed, BUT........

Unfortunately Essex fans of Legion of Swine will have to wait just a little bit longer until they can prostrate themselves unworthingly at his trotters as the Southend show has been postponed. BUT

there is a bonus bit of Legion of Swine action for all of his followers in the Leeds' area. He joins a phenomenal line up at CHUNK and collaborates with openers MAZZAGIEYN VS TERRITORIAL GOBBING - nice arrers - the event on Facebook is here -


Sunday, 30 June 2019

London debut for Fibonacci Drone Organ coming up soon

Thanks to the foresight of Sam Enthoven, Fibonacci Drone Organ makes his London debut at STEEP 14, which takes place in the very cosy The Intimate Space at St Mary's Tower in Hornsey Village in north London. If you do Facebook, here is the event where more info will come


Thursday, 20 June 2019

Fibonacci Drone Organ - recent Stockholm audio now available

Fibonacci Drone Organ had the double pleasure to play at Larry's Corner  in Stockholm last weekend. One of the sets followed closely the Fibonacci Series, with occasional tweaks. The other set was very, very different.

You can listen too, and download of course, at this link -

Pleasant droney listening......


Saturday, 15 June 2019

HammaröNoise mixcloud part 2 - out now!

HammaröNoise is a mixcloud attempting to bring together noise, drone, ambient, weird, shitcore artists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden in order to widen appreciation, to collectivise ideas, produce new collaborations and so on....

The next episode is out NOW - listen here 


Monday, 10 June 2019

Legion of Swine for your viewing pleasure

Embedded in this message is Legion of Swine's video from his recent outing in Oslo as part of the Støyscene of Musikk Fest 2019.

Enjoy/endure at your leisure.....


Sunday, 9 June 2019

KLONK - new noise fanzine created by den jyske Harsh Noise Mafia

The very ace people at den jyske Harsh Noise Mafia in Århus, Denmark are now producing a printed fanzine called KLONK and the second edition is out now. Fans of noise and shitcore and abstract printing and subject matter that's a bit out of the ordinary will find summat of interest in its pages. Even Dave Procter contributes to it, what better recommendation do you need?

Support daft publishing, get to KLONK and expand your mind....


Wednesday, 5 June 2019

FDO coming to Stockholm soon

Fibonacci Drone Organ heads to Larry's Corner in Stockholm for two sets of Fibonacci and non-Fibonacci drone action on June 14th 2019.

If you do Facebook, then this link will fill your boots further -


Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Danish bacon! Legion of Swine comes to Copenhagen soon.......

Legion of Swine is very happy to be a part of the upcoming release show at Støberiet in Copenhagen, playing alongside No More Sleep and CAM. It will be a (pork) crack(l)ing night and that night is Friday June 7th 2019. KOM.

If you do Facebook, there's an event thingy you can ignore here -


Monday, 20 May 2019

Legion of Swine appears on specially curated Yorkshire DIY mixtape as part of Riffs Journal

Legion of Swine was approached for music by PhD researcher Dominic Deane who was curating a mixtape of Yorkshire noise artists for the April 2019 edition of Riffs Journal - the pigman created a new piece called "Ön snackar tillbaka", which can be heard on the mixtape link below -


HammaröNoise mixcloud out now

HammaröNoise is an attempt to connect and collectivise the efforts of noise, drone, weirdo, shitcore, etc, etc artists from across Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The first mixcloud has been uploaded and you can listen to it here


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Change of personnel for The Wharf Street Galaxy Band

Times move on and after the September gig with Punishment of Luxury and Flies on You at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, the band say a fond farewell to drummer Propulsion, aka Mike Evans as he leaves for pastures new. Come and pass on your finest best wishes.

This leaves a drumming vacancy - can you fill his uniform/boots, or do you know someone who can? Contact the band on their Facebook page here.

End of message.


Monday, 29 April 2019

Legion of Swine for Oslo Noisefest

Legion of Swine is very happy to announce his inclusion in this year's Støyfest 2019 as part of the all day Oslo Musikk Fest which takes place across the city on 1st of June 2019.

For those of you who are on Facebook, here is the event - more details to come -


Friday, 12 April 2019

More visuals and sounds for your delight - Dave Procter in Norway again.....

Claus Poulsen and Dave Procter combined forces to create the latest Procter // Poulsen peformance at Galleri Galleberg in Norway as part of the latest Nonfigurativ Musikk curated by Håkon Lie and his team. Happy listening!


Thursday, 11 April 2019

Swine happenings up North.....April 8th 2019

Yes, Dave Procter, under his Legion of Swine alias, collaborated with Klubb Kanin maestro Martin Palmer on a pig-heavy tribute to Kurt Schwitters as part of the Klubb Kanin night held recently in Trondheim. Ace video archivist Gina Cattini captured some of the happenings and parts 1 and 2 lie below for your delectation.....


Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Urban Myth update.....

Long time collaborator on the Urban Myth project Geraldine Hudson has been bust updating the Urban Myth content of her website and you can find the site here. Future work between her and Dave Procter is in the pipeline as they continue their work.


Saturday, 16 March 2019

Fibonacci Drone Organ//Legion of Swine March 2019 Tour Ramblings.......

Tour Diary March 2019

TL;DR - touring is/can be - tiring, fun, boring, exciting, quick, slow, surprising, costly (financial, mental health, physical health), stressful, fun, boozy, creative, hungover, fun. 

A tour is a chance to test out new ideas, catch up with folks and venues I’ve been to before, meet up and exchange ideas with people I’ve not met before and SELL ALL THE MERCH. This mini-tour sees Fibonacci Drone Organ let loose on the continent for the first time and Legion of Swine revisiting a couple of cities of his/their past. 

After an epic journey by Flixbus from Stockholm, arrival in Dortmund to be met by long term friend and collaborator Rees Archibald is a welcome thing indeed. As are the following Falafeltasche and beer. My first stop is revisiting the Künstlerhaus where I have previously played and worked, with tonight’s event being organised by Achim Zepezauer and the fine folks at MEX. 

As the name might suggest, the Künstlerhaus is an artists’ house 10 minutes walk from the ZOB and hauptbahnhof and is a hub of artistic activity in the city. MEX events usually take place on the first Friday of the month and this is my second time here having performed as Legion of Swine in 2014. Achim prepares the cellar for us and the soundcheck sounds great. 

There are traffic problems for both artists coming from Frankfurt, so it’s decided that Fibonacci Drone Organ starts the night off and fingers are crossed for deep, reverberant sounds. No problem at all, the sounds and the space work well together and before I know it, 25 mins have gone and the set is over. Really good reception from the audience and the best (admittedly out of 3 so far!) FDO show so far. Now I can relax a bit. Daniel Voigt is a nice addition to this line up as we meet up for the first time in maybe 3 or 4 years since he played at Wonkystuff and Hogwash in York and Leeds. His set still involves tapes, lots and lots of tapes, a gadget that I know nothing about and 4 on the desk and 2 “surround sound” tape players, which are left perched behind us on occasions. Ambient, looped, drones, bursts of noise and at the end a very, very dark last minute or so which could have gone on for much longer for me. Lovely stuff. Lasse Marc Riek is our final artist and as he processes his field recordings and how they interact with the space, our visual focus is drawn to the 8 t-lights on the floor next to a wall, forcing us to concentrate on sounds and pretty much only sounds. This is a good plan. The samples of sounds are so well recorded and also very quiet, but this adds to the feeling in the cellar of total listening. A great set to end a very fine night. Too many beers are taken, unwisely….thanks to all at the Künstlerhaus and MEX, especially Achim, Rees and Marie. 

Merchandise is sold - to my surprise, a total of 10, 3 tapes and 7 CDs. My load will be slightly lighter as I move across country to Berlin for the next stage…..

Somehow or other, the Loophole event in Berlin suggests that I am headlining! This will be interesting and I will check out what is possible. Loophole is a pretty good space and the soundcheck suggests the PA is decent, so I give it a bit of a workout before the doors open properly, but in traditional Berlin time this is late of course.  

Jorengthericecake from South Korea is first with an ambient textural set of Live and sequenced samples with some interpretation from a live dancer, who has been stood still facing the stage for about 20 mins before the set begins. There’s some good interaction between the two and the sounds are interesting and detailed. Good start. It’s fairly obvious that the majority of folk are here for Bob Rutman and surprisingly, he’s not the headliner, he’s on next. The space is full and he works on the cables supporting his sheet steel, producing thick drones with a bow. He also has a guitarist and it’s not really obvious why. For me it doesn’t add anything, other than on the odd occasional when the guitarist slams hims boot into the stage, with the resultant vibrations travelling into the steel and resonating it. Nice sounds and incredible to see an 87 year old still touring a lot and obviously enjoying it a lot. Turin’s (but living in Berlin, and there seems to be many Italians in Loophole tonight) Petrolio uses synths in Live and not in Live to create some deep and ambient, droney and noisy industrial soundtracks to films that are projected in two directions. It’d be easy to become entranced with this music, if the volume wasn’t so big and for that we are grateful! We do a t-shirt swap after the show. I decide not to announce when I’m starting and just crack on with it. The crowd has thinned out a fair bit, but there are hardy folk prepared to make themselves more deaf by my hand/trotter. Guiseppe has positioned me behind the DJ booth, which was a very good idea as I am right next to the PA speaker, so I can use this to create feedback with my microphone and this changes totally what i was planning to do and the set goes harsh pretty quickly and stays that way, with the odd looped porcine interruption. I end with an unintended 2 minutes of quiet, echo heavy ambience. Normal service will be resumed soon…..I offer a Q&A session after, but nobody has any. A bit later a lad from Mansfield tells me he liked what I was doing. Thanks to all at Loophole for the set and welcome and thanks to Johannes for the video and images. 

Tapes are sold, a t-shirt is also and payment is given. I still find myself in shock at all the three things happening. I’m not in the UK anymore. A few days rest and recuperation as the tour starts to take its toll on body and mind at the halfway point - doubts about everything you’re doing creep in when you’re knackered and missing home and full of cheap and great beer. But, next I head towards the Czech republic (sadly not into it this time) and the city of Dresden to reconnect with Alte Feuerwache, Ulrich and co as the second half of the tour begins……..

The downpour is biblical on arrival, well not quite on arrival, but as I near the venue it is soggy and I shelter in the guest tower part of the space and chat with fellow performer Jan Kees Helms who is performing tonight as StringStrang. We soundcheck, are given fine food and then soon enough it’s time for Legion of Swine. A squealing mess of a noise follows and at the end of the set, the lack of looper pedal in the mix suddenly opens up a kind of not quite Harsh Noise Wall, a Noise Wall and this gives me different ideas for future recording. A happy accident. StringStrang creates textured guitar and non-guitar ambience and sounds really good in this space. Field recordings add to the development and before we know it, 50 minutes have gone and the set is over. The accompanying videos are really well made and photographed and the RAW section is all brand new that night. A contrasting and at the same complimentary set, sandwiched in the well-programmed Club Debil evening. I’m really starting to enjoy the reaction that FDO has on people, myself included, as a very, very quiet space accepts the notes as they are gradually added and occasionally taken away and then microscopically affected using reverb. This takes the cleanness of the notes, bends it towards noise and then back again to a long fadeout. This act is a lot of fun to do, as some decisions are mine and some the Coin of Destiny (TM). Goes down well again and after some really good DJing, we have to leave the space and go home to dream of being woken by a cat landing on you……which is exactly what happens a few hours later!

The journey to Denmark takes us to Rostock where we have a passport check before the boat and another when we get to Gedser. Soon enough, I am back at Claus’ place and we prepare for some Procter//Poulsen recording on Sunday, but first sleep.

A couple of useful recording sessions either side of a fine meal provide PP with new releases - a noisy pre-curry piece called “Music Against Neighbours”, with Claus-o-phone to the max matching my own no input effects looped feedback lunacy and the post-rice comedown of the ambient double SK1 keyboard vibes of “Music For Neighbours”. Fine work and a future release on Ojud Records. The line up for the 5e show next day is heavily jazz and improv based, so FDO is definitely the odd one out in this lineup. There’s some really good stuff played, by some very skilled musicians indeed, which also increases my odd one out quotient a fair bit. Everything runs late of course, and my midnight set ends up being nearly 0100, but the hardy half a dozen or so left really enjoy it and get to move around the space now 30+ odd jazzers have left the venue. Not the best set of the tour and I am knackered and wanting to be back in Sweden, and it felt a bit rushed as I wanted to get on with it……anyway, no matter, progress is being made with this act and it’s a good act. 

Here is the end of the tour. I got to perform as both Legion of Swine and Fibonacci Drone Organ and enjoyed it all. Thanks to everyone who was involved in helping me out and suggesting future collaborations and other things - Achim, Rees, Marie, Guiseppe, Johannes, Peter, Jan, Ulrich and all at Alte Feuerwache and Paul, Kresten, Claus and Ignacio. Without all these people and their work, I have no tour and no gigs and less opportunity to perform. Thanks to you all. 


Sunday, 24 February 2019

Svenska Cupen notes.......

The romance of the Cup and all that cobblers. We’re stood on a temporary metal framed terrace at FBK’s ground in Karlstad as KBK’s ground (a field basically) is under a lot of snow. The pitch today is a plastic one so the game is on. KBK are in Division 1 Norra, which is 2 levels below Östersunds FK who finished 6th in Sweden’s top league and gave several top teams a run for their money in the Europa League a few years back after beating my team Hammarby in the final of the Svenska Cupen. 

The Swedish Cup is a bit odd if truth be told. The preliminary matches are played in the season (usually in mid-August) BEFORE the one that the final takes place in. If you get through these initial matches, you’re then in a 8 x 4 teams set of leagues, with the winner of each league through to the quarter-finals and then the usual knockout. The weather plays an important part in Swedish football, so the main league season runs from April to November, and the Cup matches in the mini-leagues take place over a week or so in mid to late February. Got that? Good. 

The match started pretty evenly and KBK had the better chances to take the lead, but it was ÖFK who were lucky to get a penalty (if it was in the area and a foul, I’d be surprised). Anyway, straffsparken (penalty kick) was given and dispatched. ÖFK pretty much controlled the remainder of the first half until in the last minute of the half when a long ball broke led to a cross that was swept home after a neat pullback. 1-1 at HT was a bit tough on KBK, but showed signs that they wouldn’t lie down.

Post half-time bollocking, ÖFK edged further into the match and had a lot of possession, but did very little with it and again from a fine long ball pass, KBK were presented with the opportunity to take the lead as ÖFK’s keeper came out to reach the ball ahead of KBK’s unlikely-numbered 77 striker who watched the keeper half-control and let loose the ball, allowing him to collect, run towards goal and score. With 78 mins gone, things got worse for ÖFK as both strikers combined from another break and one provided a perfect cross just out of the reach of the ÖFK keeper to nod home to make it 3-1. A giant-killing definitely on the cards. To add the shite icing on the cake of doom, ÖFK were reduced to 10 men on 82 mins after an elbowing incident that wasn’t entirely obvious, but given immediately by the ref. “Du dumma domare” was the shout from the not overly happy away support as all hope appeared to have buggered off. ÖFK played much better with 10 men and reduced the arrears after a neat flowing move and a precision finish, but KBK never looked like conceding another and so the score finished 3-2. 

KBK must now beat Halmstad in the final match and hope Sirius don’t win or lose against ÖFK. Complicated, eh????

PS Some mention must be made to the driving skills of the numerous folk razzing around on the frozen lake next to the pitch, which provided amusing interludes when the match was going through the motions, which wasn’t very often to be fair. The pictures taken on my phone have been photographed again by a camera as the stupid mobile refused to attach to anything via bluetooth. Slow handclap for technology there.