Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Legion of Swine gig

Legion of Swine has been added to a very strong bill at the Castle Hotel, Manchester on Saturday the 18th of January 2014.


Harsh noise, circuit bending and rough music since 2000AD. One of London's harshest and most powerful noise artists around today. Extreme noise almost as good as the Japanese do it!


Manchester's favourite collection of people who enjoy getting together and making horrible noises with electronics, voices and found pieces of metal and machinery. Smash, bang, wallop!


"Experimental music output. Take it or leave it. Don't be a stranger. Don't be a sinner."

Some guy from Glasgow made some music that was sort of anti-music, but not really. He never wished to make a packet, he only wished to cause a racket.

Intense, uncomfortable, exciting, entertaining and sometimes even infuriating noise from a real character. Expect quite a performance!

Legion of Swine

Legion of Swine is the main performing guise of Dave Procter, a Music Technology and Production Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University. Legion of Swine is interested in all aspects of noise creation and destruction, using processed and found sounds mixed in with political thought and disgust. New noise/drone LP "War War, not Jaw Jaw" will be released early in 2014 and is concerned with the ever increasing diminishing of personal freedom by authoritarian states.

Legion of Swine has performed in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia and the UK.

2 Koi Karp

Members: Neil VG (member of Gnod and recent addition to Terminal Cheesecake) and Louise Woodcock (Poppycock - Una Baines project, ex-Womb) began in earnest early this year with the acquisition of The Basement Room space in central Manchester. Woodcock is also one half of Woodcock & Grundstrom, regular artists-in-residence at queer monthly party event Bollox.

The visual element is as important as the sound. A recent live score was performed to a 'Jarman-esque' film Water Feather Stone by Louise Woodcock, which included footage of live works in Ibiza by Maurice Carlin and Jennifer Wu. The film was made in an abandoned outdoor night club's amphitheatre on a hill on the island. The duo have also created live scores to two films by Cheryl (New York art/party collective). The live scores have all been performed at Video Jam events.

Plus DJ's from Dancing and Laughing, Maveatron and Nix Moriarty, playing interesting music until quite late.

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